Medical air transportation is a separate category of transport services, including evacuation and transportation of patients, delivery of physicians by aircraft. Air ambulance services are relevant at low transport accessibility, farness distance of medical institutions or in conditions of need for emergency medical care. In other words, when any of the ground modes of transport is unable to arrive at the patient to evacuate him or deliver medics to him, a medical plane or helicopter of our air ambulance service will ensure his prompt transportation to the hospital, increasing the chances of saving his life.


The Ministry of Emergency Situations is in charge of medical aviation in Russia at the level of official structures. Medical planes and helicopters are at the disposal of this service, and without the Ministry of Emergency Situations, doctors will not be able to get to the victim. But often the coordination between these services takes up a lot of precious time for the patient (victim), and then the best solution will be private sanitation.

Medical air transportation can be divided into 2 groups:

Emergency evacuation sanaviation

It allows you to order a medical aircraft to transport victims from areas of natural disasters, man-made, social disasters to medical institutions. It is used in cases when victims require emergency medical care, or when it is impossible to reach them by land transport.

Transportation sanitation

It consists in transporting patients between various medical institutions or from home to a specialized hospital.

This medical aviation service combines 2 advantages: ¹ high speed and ² range of transportation, providing everything necessary to maintain the viability of the patient's medical care in flight.

We will arrange medical air transportation in any direction, including international flights, as soon as possible. Contacting us serves as a guarantee of a quick departure of the aircraft without unnecessary bureaucratic delays, which will save the health and even the life of the patient.


The equipment of aircraft and helicopters of medical aviation includes specialized medical equipment, devices for fast and safe loading/unloading of patients and injured, ensuring their vital activity in flight: including ventilators and other life support systems for patients. With JetUp, you can quickly order a helicopter for the transportation of a patient or a sanaviation plane that fully meets the requirements of medical air transportation:

  • providing a high range and speed of flight, which allows you to transport patients and injured not only within the country, but also almost anywhere in the world;

  • received a unique cabin design that allows patients to be transported in a recumbent or semi-sitting position;

  • equipped with all necessary medical equipment, including a special life port transportation system;

  • designed for standard runways, unprepared airfields and shortened runways.

We involve only specially trained crews and operators in medical air transportation, which guarantees the highest level of flight preparation. Our specialists will select a medical aircraft or helicopter that fully meets the conditions of transportation of the patient or victim, promptly coordinate the flight card and receive all necessary permits.

To order a helicopter to transport a patient or an air ambulance and calculate the cost of the aircraft rent, request us in a convenient for you way.