Group and corporate flights include transportation services for an organized group of passengers on irregular flights. Traditionally, the organizer of air transportation is a legal person that has concluded a contract for group flights with an airline. These may be tour operators organizing a transfer of a tourist group in one direction. It can also be large organizations ordering corporate flights for their employees, organizers of sports matches and other mass events in need of prompt transportation of a group of people inside and outside the country.


The advantage of group flights is the relatively low cost of tickets in terms of each passenger. The cost of group transportation may be significantly lower than the total cost of tickets for the entire group when it is sent by regular flights. It depends on the specific direction and the size of the group. The reason for this is simple. Corporate flights involve renting the entire aircraft, which is much lower than the cost of buying tickets for each member of the group for regular flights. In addition, it opens up the possibility to organize a group flight in any direction, even to those places where regular flights are not provided.

For example, an Airbus A330 flight from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro will take 14 hours one way, and with a load of 200 people (2/3) allows you to get a round-trip cost of about 2000 EUR per passenger, while almost half of them will be located in the business and comfort class cabin. For large tourist groups and corporations such opportunities can be economically and geographically advantageous. The above flight perfectly competes in price with similar routes from KLM, AirFrance and Lufthansa, while none of the listed companies performs such a flight directly.


Corporate and group air transportation is in high demand not only among the management of large companies. Aircraft rental is also widely popular among companies that organize training, delivery of tourists to the place of group recreation, sports teams and fans to competitions, workers to distant facilities. The following types of customers who regularly order group air transportation can be distinguished:

  • representatives of public and political organizations;

  • sports associations and their fans;

  • employees of the government staff: ministries and various federal departments;

  • representatives of religious organizations;

  • scientific communities and educational organizations;

  • organizers and participants of various events.

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Group flights have received a number of significant advantages over regular flights:

  • You do not need to conform to the flight schedules of regular airlines, you set the date and time of departure yourself;

  • As a result, the whole group will not have to wait for the release of the board, boarding the aircraft will take place strictly on schedule;

  • The absence of connecting flights and the possibility of developing the most direct route reduces the total duration of air transportation;

  • For group and corporate air travel, there is a simplified passport control, boarding takes place through a separate terminal;

  • The corporate type of air transportation allows you to organize parallel transportation of specific cargo (video and audio equipment), tools, information and agitation materials, especially valuable items, while there is no risk of problems with luggage;

  • Group flights can be arranged to any point of the globe, including places that cannot be reached by any other means of land or water transport.

And the main thing is that group air transportation allows the organizers to significantly save on the transfer of passengers, while providing them with maximum comfort on board the aircraft.

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