How much it cost to rent a private jet?


Numerous online calculators do not show the real cost. Despite this, in this article we will give various examples of pricing, taking into account the fact that all preliminary calculations in business aviation are not informative on a number of factors that will also be considered. As for all flights, the cost of flights on private planes is formed based on various factors.

Among them:

Aircraft model


Flight time

Fuel cost

Take-off and landing fees


Parking cost

Crew expenses

Number of passengers



Service in terminals

Aircraft insurance

Leasing payments



Dry cleaning of the salon

Continuous crew training

Banking services

Aeronautical and ground maintenance of the aircraft

De-icing treatment

Animals on board

Their combination determines how much a private plane flight costs. We often mention aircraft of various classes, so we suggest briefly refreshing your knowledge in the field of aviation. In simple terms, there are seven common types of private jets. For more information about their types, see the page of our business aviation company in Moscow JetUp.


The private aircraft offered for rent are divided into the following categories:


They show the greatest efficiency at low altitudes and flights at cruising speeds up to 450 mph. This makes them an economically viable solution for organizing air travel lasting less than two hours with the possibility of landing at airfields with short runways, which meets the requirements of many functioning airfields. This is the optimal solution for organizing an inter-island transfer. In business aviation, renting an aircraft of this class will cost on average from 1,500 to 2,000 euros/ hour. Due to the lack of jet engines, they have a limit on the maximum take-off weight, which is significantly inferior to a similar indicator for business jets.


Their traditional layout is designed for 5 - 9 seats. They can cover a route stretching from 2500 to 4000 km, which provides a huge choice of destinations for air travel, and the average rental cost is about 2000-3000 euros per hour. These are quite low prices in the field of business aviation with high comfort and flight range.


This type of aircraft is the optimal solution for organizing flights of up to 2000-2500 miles. They have on board almost all the conveniences that are available on larger airliners, while they are more economical to maintain, which has a positive effect on the cost of flight hours. Capable of comfortably accommodating up to 8-10 passengers, medium-sized vessels provide a comfortable non-stop journey on routes lasting up to 4-5 hours. All models of this class are equipped with toilets and, often, sofas are installed. In Russia this category of aircraft has become the most widespread and is second only to "heavy" private jets, since such business jets provide comfortable, without the need for refueling, local and international air travel in all key directions: for example, the Challenger 300 can fly from Moscow to any airport in Europe without refueling. For the rental of such aircraft used in private aviation, prices range from 3,000 to 4,500 euros per hour.


According to their characteristics, they are close to medium-sized vessels, but they are the preferred way to fly on routes lasting up to 6-7 hours. Aircraft of this category can comfortably accommodate up to 8-13 passengers. They provide a wider range of services in terms of comfort, the main of which are full-fledged beds. In the cabin, passengers can easily stand tall. A roomy luggage compartment, a spacious interior, speed and range of flight make this group of boards the most popular. The freight price of this type of aircraft ranges from 5,000 to 8000 euros per hour.


Ultra-long-range aircraft are designed for air travel lasting more than 12 hours, these are aircraft that combine 2 anywhere in the world with a flight with just one refueling. The latest representatives of the class, such as Gulfstream G700, Global 7500 and Falcon 8X are able to travel up to 14250 km without refueling. By the way, all of them are available for purchase in a configuration with an installed shower cabin. They will be an excellent choice for non-stop intercontinental travel in medium-sized groups, capable of taking on board from 8 to 19 passengers. The number of full beds varies from 4 to 8 depending on the modification of the cabin. This is the most promising category of private aviation aircraft, embodying all the latest aviation developments. To order a business jet of this class costs from 9,000 to 15,000 euros per flight hour. The vessels are widely used in the business aviation of St. Petersburg and Moscow, they allow you to fly almost anywhere in the world in record time.

VIP AIRLINER (up to 19 seats)

VIP airliners offer the maximum amount of space and maximum comfort from all Airbus and Boeing Aircraft families. Lineage 1000 separately offers exclusive salons, including a work area, a separate bedroom and a full bathroom. Such vessels are usually rented by sports teams or VIP travelers, they can accommodate from 19 to more than a hundred passengers with maximum comfort, and the flight range is up to 5500-7500 miles. In modern business aviation, the price of a flight on ships of this category is on average 10,000 EUR, but the increased cost is perfectly offset by a large passenger capacity.


For the transportation of more than 50 people over long distances, it is optimal to use the rental of large airliners. This group includes all aircraft of the Boeing and Airbus family. Most of them can show off an intercontinental flight range of more than 10,000 km. The spacious layout of the cabin for 50-400 seats always excuses the costs. The charter of such liners is popular among sports teams, corporate delegations and large tourist groups. When loading 2/3 or more, it is often possible to achieve the cost of transportation of one passenger, lower than on regular flights.


Recently, there has been a growing number of statements and advertisements that business aviation is becoming more accessible every day. But can this type of transport really compete in price with at least the first or business class of regular flights, not to mention ordinary "economy" travelers? Or is it a publicity stunt designed to attract attention?

We offer you approximate calculations of the cost of flights on a private plane to popular destinations with departure from Vnukovo 3 airport.

  • Direction


    Cost from (EUR)

  • New York

    Global 5000


  • Moscow ✈︎ Vladivostok ✈︎ Moscow

    Falcon 7X


  • Miami

    Falcon 7X


  • Beijing

    Falcon 7X


  • Maldives

    Falcon 7X


  • Berlin

    Citation XLS+


  • Larnaca

    Citation XLS+


  • Moscow ✈︎ Vienna ✈︎ Moscow

    Challenger 300


  • Moscow ✈︎ Los Angeles ✈︎ Moscow

    Global 6000


  • Athens

    Challenger 350


  • Moscow ✈︎ Sochi

    Challenger 350


  • Munich

    Legacy 600


  • Milan ✈︎ Moscow

    Gulfstream G200


  • Riga

    Hawker 850


  • Nice

    Legacy 650


  • Tenerife

    Legacy 650


  • Sri Lanka

    Challenger 650


  • Cannes

    Challenger 650


  • London

    Gulfstream G450



There are many reasons why people rent a private jet. Despite the obvious advantages in comfort, the main reason for choosing business aviation services is to save time. The main part of business aviation passengers are people for whom time is a more valuable resource than money, even if it is literally a matter of a few hours. A classic example is a meeting of businessmen or politicians.

The second reason is, of course, comfort. Modern private planes are updated like smartphones: range, comfort, speed and environmental friendliness are constantly improving. On board the Gulfstream G700, you can fly 13,890 km, and many aircraft such as the Falcon 8X, Gulfstream G650ER and Global 7500 are available in a cabin configuration with a shower cabin. The use of composites, intelligent systems for leveling turbulence and the effect of height is no longer a story from futurological journals, but widely used technologies. Service in private terminals is significantly faster, and in addition, you can be late for your private flight. For business travelers, the excellent facilities on board a private jet create a much more favorable working environment. The average passenger capacity of business jets of 8-15 passengers also corresponds to the corporate culture of many companies.

Some fly on a private plane to make a romantic gesture, others fly with a whole company on business aviation planes on vacation, for others an organized group flight is a great way to invite guests to a wedding or holiday. A group flight can also be for 100-200 passengers for employees of one company within the framework of corporate transportation, which allows you to make the flight cheaper than buying each employee a ticket for a regular flight. Also, recently, business aviation services have been used more often due to COVID-19, due to limited air traffic, as well as the desire to avoid queues and crowding of people for epidemiological reasons. In connection with these events, requests for business aviation services in St. Petersburg and Moscow have become more frequent.

Do not forget about the medical charter. Transportation of bedridden patients and evacuation of victims requires special preparation. Both specially equipped aircraft and special protocols for the preparation of such flights are used. Often such flights are prepared "turnkey": the transfer in both directions and other organizational aspects between clinics are coordinated. JetUp has accumulated experience in the field of medical air transportation for a wide variety of situations.

A separate category is passengers with pets and smokers. If you are traveling in Europe, then one of the most attractive advantages for those who have pets is that on board a private plane your pet can travel with you. And for an additional fee, many business jet operators allow smoking on board.

Today, the rental of private aircraft is carried out mainly as follows:

  • through a one-time order, "on demand charter";

  • through a club card with the purchase of flight hours;

  • through shared ownership of the aircraft (allocated number of flight hours per month);

  • by long-term lease of an aircraft with a crew;

  • using JetSharing is actually buying a ticket, as for a regular flight.

It is the type of freight that will directly determine how much it costs to fly on a private plane.

The cost of the services we offer is based on the price of a flight hour. In other words, you pay an hourly fee to rent the entire vessel. Despite such a variety of rental forms, in most cases we recommend clients to rent private planes on occasion, "on demand", without binding themselves to any client programs, membership fees, advances, etc. This approach has a number of undeniable advantages:


You do not commit yourself to a long-term commitment with a service provider.


You do not limit yourself to a fleet of aircraft of one operator, all commercially operated aircraft are available to you.


No advances, membership fees and purchases "in advance".


You can fly by Empty Leg plane, such flights are sold at a discount of up to 60% of the standard price. If you own a flight hours card, you lose this opportunity.


If you are flying in one direction, you can save money by selling the return route of the plane to other passengers, then both sides get a flight at the price of Empty Leg. If you own a flight hours card, you lose this opportunity.


You get more access to the owner's aircraft.


You do not need to coordinate the flight schedule with other participants, as in the case of shared ownership of the aircraft.

Taking into account the above factors, it can be concluded that various equity participation programs, flight hours cards and etc. add obligations to customers, require time for a detailed immersion in the conditions of purchase and sale of flight hours, deprive 100% of flexibility, which is the cornerstone of business aviation, bringing hardly tangible benefits. Long-term aircraft rental (from 1 month) with a crew will be a priority for people planning many flights for a month or more. For example, as part of a tour.


Any aircraft, whether it is an airliner making regular passenger flights or a private plane, cannot fly over the territory of another State or land at the airport without special permits agreed upon and received before departure.

All business aviation flies on the basis of a permit, or the right to use the airspace, which can be issued to

  • the owner of the aircraft;

  • to the aircraft operator;

  • a designated representative acting on behalf of the owner or operator.

Permits are usually issued by the CAA authorities responsible for civil aviation in the country over which the aircraft is flying, or in the country where the vessel is about to land.

If the aircraft does not have permission to use the airspace from the CAA authorities, you may face the following problems:

  • delays in departure/arrival;

  • flight route changes;

  • the vessel may be forcibly landed by the air force.

In practice, all these situations are completely excluded and impossible due to the fact that the flight does not start until all permits are received. Companies providing private aviation services in Moscow and any other city in the world certainly follow these rules.


  • Landing permits

    permission to land at a certain airport, passenger flight.

  • Overfly permits

    permission to enter the airspace, fly over a particular country in the space of which your flight route lies, as well as exit from it.

  • Technical stop

    this type of permits is issued when the aircraft needs to refuel, stop for the crew to exit.

  • Medical permits

    permits for arrival for medical reasons. This type of permits can be issued both for medical flights carried out on specially equipped aircraft, and for passengers flying on classic private aircraft to foreign clinics.

  • Diplomatic permits

    Such permission is intended for government, military, or diplomatic flights. This type of permits is issued by the local embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this type of permits has advantages, but often even ambassadors and diplomats use classic "Landing permits", since they are issued faster, whereas "Diplomatic permits" are issued longer, but gives the opportunity to visit countries with complex political/military/ epidemiological situations.

Plan your perfect flight with JetUp. You can calculate the cost of the flight on a private jet and find out how to rent an aircraft by contacting us in a convenient for you way.