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Request a charter flight in a convenient for you way.

Fly easy with JetUp.

JetUp is an aviation company and aviation broker providing a wide range of services business aviation, business travel and tourism.

We specialize in short-term and longterm private jet rental, including special, group and medical flights, and we also provide legal support and aircraft management services during aircraft rentals or acquisition.

Complex routes? Easy with JetUp

Over the years, our specialists have gathered invaluable experience in organizing a wide range of flights, including work with passengers with special legal status, flights with valuable cargo and "complex" destinations such as Venezuela, China, and Israel.

Private flights anywhere in the world: intercontinental flight, middle-class jets or turboprop aircraft as an interisland transfer.

Request a charter flight in a convenient for you way.

Full Acсess

There is no fleet capable of satisfying all needs. Each route needs an individual solution. We offer access to all proven commercial and ownership boards on partner and often exclusive terms.

We don't impose on any board, but rather make an independent assessment of each aircraft in the business aviation market for your route. This gives you special flexibility and the opportunity to fly on the most beneficial terms. Upon request, we will provide you with information about the total flight time and last maintenance time, as well as the country of registration.

Different planning

Requirements to passengers, airport rules, rules of issuing permits and flight jurisdiction are constantly changing. Lack of necessary information or missing details can significantly complicate the flight. At JetUp most of the attention is paid to such a legal and technical details.

Up with the times

Dassault Aviation, Bombardier and Gulfstream Aerospace are endlessly competing for superiority in the aviation industry, updating private jets like smartphones: avionics, range, comfort, speed and environmental friendliness are constantly improving. The Gulfstream G7OO can fly 13,890 km aboard, Falcon 8X and Global 7500 are available in salon configuration with shower. Flights in the stratosphere, the use of ultra-light composites, intelligent systems for levelling turbulence and altitude effects are not stories from futurological magazines, but widely used technologies. JetUp offers access to all of them on the best conditions.

Medical Charter

Medical air travel is a separate category of transportation services, which includes evacuation and transportation of patients and physicians by air. Sanitary aviation services are relevant in case of low transport availability, distance of medical institutions or in case of emergency medical care related to the condition of the passenger.

We work with leading clinics and operators who own medically equipped aircraft around the world for a variety of cases and patient conditions.

Group Charter

For transportation of more than 5O people it is optimal to use the rental of large airliners. This group includes all the aircraft of the Boeing and Airbus series. Most of them can boast an intercontinental flight range, sometimes exceeding 10,000 km.

The space-saving cabin layouts for 5O-400 seats always level the costs. The charter of such aircraft is popular among sports teams, corporate delegations and large tourist groups. When loading 2/3 or more, it is possible to reach the price of one passenger transportation lower than on regular flights.

Conclusion of the contract and payment
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Jet Sharing Calendar from JetUp - offers from all operators in a convenient online format. Choose the most profitable, fast and uncompromising flight option in the JetUp calendar, which brings together all current schedules in a convenient online format. Enjoy all the benefits of flying in a private jet with up to 90% savings on JetSharing.

Wide geography of flights, first-class service, comfort and safety

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In addition to organizing flights, JetUp specialists will help you book the best destinations up to -40% off the hotel's direct price. We always have the latest information on upgraded rooms, suites and villas that are not featured on other popular platforms.

The JetUp presents a collection of hotels, selected according to very strict criteria, it is gradually replenished, and on the individual request of the client, we can offer other unique options for recreation.
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CO2 Offset Program

Calculations show that on average 10 times more kerosene is burned for 1 business aviation passenger than for a civil aviation passenger.

On the long-haul flight Rome - New York by Boeing 767-300 with a load of 250 people, the amount of kerosene burned per passenger will be about 160 kg.
If the same route is performed on board of Bombardier Global 6000 with 6 passengers and the amount of kerosene burned per person will be about 1850 kg.

JetUp's CO2 offset program is an element of the company's environmental policy designed to help passengers reduce the negative impact on the environment that occurs during air travel. Despite the obvious convenience of using private jets for personal needs and work, efforts around the world to create a more environmentally friendly fuel and efficient engines are insufficient: at present, the airline industry can hardly be called "green".
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