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JetUp is an aviation company and aviation broker providing a wide range of services in the field of business aviation, business travel and luxury tourism. We specialize in organizing charter flights, including working with complex routes , group and medical charters and also provide services for the purchase and sale of aircraft, legal support of transactions and further management of aircraft for commercial or owner operation.

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Complex routes are not so complex

Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience in organizing a wide range of flights, including working with passengers with special legal status, flights with valuable cargo and complex destinations such as Venezuela, China and Israel.

Private flights anywhere in the world: intercontinental flight, middle-class jet or turboprop as an inter-island transfer.

Full access

There are several thousand operators in the business jet industry. There is no one fleet that cover all needs, each route needs an individual solution. We offer access to all verified commercial and owner boards, often on exclusive terms. Passengers receive flexibility and the opportunity to fly on the most favorable terms. Upon first request, we will provide information about the total flight hours of the aircraft and the time of the last maintenance, as well as the country of registration of the aircraft.

Other planning

Passenger requirements, airport regulations, permitting regulations and flight jurisdictions are constantly changing. Lack of necessary information or omission of details can significantly complicate the flight. At JetUp, most of the attention is paid to such details, of a legal and technical nature.

Let's do it beautiful

We are constantly improving the standards of service on our flights. Our passengers have everything they need on board, depending on the destination and duration of the flight. At the client’s request, we will “pack” the aircraft for the customer’s event according to the theme.*

*Not available on some routes

Group flights

For transportation of more than 50 people, it is optimal to rent large airсraft. Most of them can boast an intercontinental flight range exceeding 10,000 km. Spacious cabin layouts for 50–400 seats always offset costs. Chartering such aircraft is popular among sports teams, corporate delegations and large tourist groups. When the load is 2/3 or more, it is possible to reach the price of transporting one passenger

Medical aviation

Medical air transportation is a separate category of transport services, including the evacuation and transportation of patients, and the delivery of doctors by air. Air ambulance services are relevant when transport accessibility is low, medical facilities are remote, or when there is a need to provide emergency medical care related to the passenger’s condition. We partner with leading hospitals and operators who operate medically equipped aircraft around the world for a wide range of patient cases and conditions.

Aircraft purchase.

If you fly more than 2-3 times a week, or want to purchase a private jet as a financial instrument, we will select a plane that best suits your needs, not only from the open market, but also from “off market” offers. We`ll help you choose the country of registration, operator depending on the geography of flights and legal details. We will conduct an independent audit and provide all related services to support the transaction.

The world's best hotels on the best terms.

In addition to organizing flights, JetUp specialists will help you book the best destinations up to -50% of the direct hotel price. We always have the latest information on upgraded rooms, suites and villas that are not listed on other popular platforms. In the JetUp TG channel can find current offers for booking the best hotels in the world, and at the individual request of the client we will offer other unique vacation options.