Airbus ACJ320

Aircraft rental cost
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Cruising speed900
Max range7 800
Interior characteristics
Maximum number of passengers19
Cabin length27,74
Cabin width3,70
Cabin height2,25
All characteristics
Maximum flight range, km 7 800
Cruising speed, km/h 900
Maximum flight altitude, m 12 130
Maximum takeoff weight, kg 78 000
Aircraft size
Aircraft length, m 37,57
Aircraft height, m 11,76
Wingspan, m 35,80
Interior characteristics
Maximum number of passengers, person 19
Optimal number of passengers, person 8
Cabin length, m 27,74
Cabin width, m 3,70
Cabin height, m 2,25
Cabin volume, m3 230,93
Trunk volume, m3 27,90

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